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This project is being built to ground my basic knowledge of crypto and the Blockchain. It is not necessarily practical because it is based off the assumptions that: Every node that wants to contribute, owns a thermometer. No node wants to replicate the Google Maps Big Data hack in this context, in the event that the Practical Improvements explained below are implemented. How it works locally Clone the repo git clone https://github.…
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A basic overview of concurrency, in Go

Gophers This article aims to explain Concurrency in a very thorough way. Buckle up, this might be a long one. According to Wikipedia, In Computer Science, Concurrency is the ability for different parts or units of a program, algorithm or problem to be executed out-of-order or at the same time simultaneously partial order, without affecting the final outcome. This allows for parallel execution of the concurrent units, which can significantly improve the overall speed of the execution in multi-processor and multi-core systems.…
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